Cruise Aurora Borealis

Many myths surround the mysterious Northern Lights. Also called the Aurora Borealis, “Aurora” for the Roman goddess of dawn and “Boreas,” the Greek deity for the northern winds, Native American Indian stories speak of dancing animal spirits or the spirits of children playing in the heavens. And while one can see many videos of the Northern Lights on the Internet, it is by far, so much better to see them in person.

Choosing Where to View the Northern Lights

You begin your cruise to see the Northern Lights with your choice of place. The Northern Lights can be unpredictable, and the further north you go, the greater your chances of seeing it. Find a cruise Aurora Borealis with the following destinations:

  •  Kiruna, Sweden
  •  Northern Finland
  •  Lake superior in Ontario
  •  Alaska

For sure, you will have the best memories of the Northern Lights in all its grandeur when you go to any of the abovementioned locations.

In general, you can view the Northern Lights as far south as the tropics, if the conditions are right but the best views are located in the northern hemisphere. And besides, on a cruise there is always the vastness of an ocean surrounding you,

The Many Ways to View the Northern Lights

You should also choose the kind of cruise you are going to take. In Lake Superior in Ontario, one can see the Northern Lights from a boat, and it is advisable to dress for a cold night with lots of beer in your cooler. It is quite a cheap and unique experience, very much like drinking Dom Perignon from a paper cup, and for some, the experience of seeing Aurora Borealis in this kind of naked admiration is the only way to appreciate the sight.

If this type of cruise is not to your liking, there can be a cruise Aurora Borealis that you can take from luxury yachts where 5-star chefs ply you with your favorite food. In such trips, you can view the Northern Lights from the bottom of a real crystal champagne glass.

A View of the Northern Lights

Your trip to see the Northern Lights can take place whether you wish to travel alone or with a companion. It is not uncommon to feel that seeing the Northern Lights is an individual as well as spiritual experience, and it very well may be so. Dancing lights in the night sky in hues of green, red or blue will always encourage a rethinking of one's place in life, the world, and the universe.

You can view the Northern Lights together with your spouse and your children. Taking your loved ones along makes it a cherished experience, and even romantic if it is just you and your spouse (or lover) on the trip.

Regardless of your choices, seeing the Northern Lights is truly an experience that you will treasure for a very long time. Once you have experienced it, the nightlights will always remind you of the beautiful display of lights that you have witnessed at one point in your life.

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