The Best Time To Cruise The Northern Lights

The best time to cruise the Northern Lights begins in late September and throughout October. During winter, the conditions are also perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. However, the Aurora Borealis is notoriously unpredictable in certain conditions, and very dependable on other circumstances. A geomagnetic storm with the IMF lines, which you can inquire from a local astronomer, gives rise to brighter lights that can be seen from lower places. Plan a cruise around an equinox, and you can be treated to one of the most beautiful natural light shows on earth.

The Stories Behind the Aurora Borealis

There are naturally many stories concerning the Aurora Borealis. The fact that it is a rare occurrence lends to a belief that it occurs with a purpose, and being unpredictable shows that it is shrouded in mystery. Many legends give the Northern Lights its due, some attributing the display of lights to spirits, kings, and merry-making mostly because of the dance of the lights.

Aurora Borealis According to the Mandan Legend

The best time to cruise the Northern Lights, according to Mandan legend, is when a person becomes playful and child-like. In this state, it is believed that this person has a spirit of a child. Stories about young spirits are spread out throughout the world, from poltergeists to cherubs, and even imps. The association of young spirits to a rare natural phenomenon such as an Aurora Borealis instead of associating it with wars, kings, or the heavens speaks volumes about their culture.

Aurora Borealis According to the Saamis

The Saamis have a somewhat similar legend about the Northern Lights. For these people, the Aurora Borealis is a result of the actions of ancestral spirits wishing to restore order and respect among their people The Saamis believe that once in a while, their ancestral spirits visit the skies in order to remind the foolhardy and the reckless that respect is a valuable commodity, and will not hesitate to bring down bad fortune, sickness, and even death to those who fail to show respect to others.

Aurora Borealis According to Finnish Legends

Another fable of Finnish origins says that the Northern Lights happen because of a magical fox that enters a person’s body. If you feel like playing in the snow and your tail sweeps up snow trails in the sky, the Northern Lights are the consequences of your actions. It is difficult to trace the roots of the fable, especially since the Finnish word for “fox” is similar to the word “magic”, and the fable may have lost a lot in translation.

One of the more memorable stories about the Northern Lights is a story about the Creator, Nanahbozho, of the Algonquin Indians. It is said that after the creation of this world, Nanahbozho traveled further up north, leaving his hearth fires burning, to remind the world of his love for his creations.

Indeed, there are a lot of stories about the Northern Lights… stories that tell you why it happens and when to see this phenomenon. But the truth is, the best time to cruise the Northern Lights is on a not so cloudy night, during an equinox, and during a geomagnetic storm.

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