Visit Northern Lights

When you see the Northern Lights, it will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. The magnificent northern lights display in Nordic countries, as well as Alaska, Canada and Russia draws thousands of people every year and it can make any person’s trip very memorable. There are travel agencies that have put together impressive and reasonably priced packages for groups and couples who want to witness the Northern Lights, and if you are thinking of going, you can search for them in your locality or through the Internet.

Earth Meets Sun

Historically, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis were thought to be “signs of God,” a bad omen, or a warning of an impending war. But this color dance in the sky can be explained easily with the help of science. The Northern Lights actually originate from the sun, and they are caused by the sun’s radiation bouncing off the Earth’s surface.

The Northern Lights are commonly green in color with a tint of yellow or blue. Touches of white, pink, and even violet make them even more spectacular to look at. The Northern Lights need a clear sky as its backdrop, and needless to say, a place with practically no light pollution is perfect for a Northern Lights show.

Planning Your Trip

Schedule your trip on months when there is a high probability of a Northern Lights occurrence. For example, in Alaska, the best time to go is from December to March. This is when the sky is at its darkest and the nights are longest. The shows last from ten to fifteen minutes and are best seen away from the city lights. In Scandinavian countries, the best period is from September through April. Take note that even though the Northern Lights could occur any time during the day and night, they are best seen and appreciated in the dark.

Visit Northern Lights in Alaska

If you wish to visit Northern Lights within the country, Alaska is the place to go. Fairbanks, Alaska is near the more active Northern Lights area. The lights appear brighter, thus the shows are more spectacular here. A three-night tour with accommodation in a four-star hotel costs about $800 or so.

Because you can only see the Northern Lights visibly at night, here is a list of activities you can do during the day:

  • Relax in the city’s natural hot springs
  • Take a dog sled ride
  • Experience a snowmobile trip
  • Visit ice museums

Visit Northern Lights in Scandinavia

You can also go abroad to see the Northern Lights. Europeans only have to visit Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway to have their own Northern Lights experience. But some Americans have also ventured and visited these countries as well just to enjoy a spectacular vacation far away from home. In particular, many photographers love going to other places to capture the different auras of the Northern Lights. After Alaska and Canada, you can visit Northern Lights places like Nellim, Finland, Abisko, Sweden and Tromso as well as the Fjords in Norway. The Northern Lights occur frequently here, that in fact, there are times when you get to see them every other night when the skies are clear.

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