Northern Lights Cruise

If you’re itching for one of those adventures of a lifetime, you have to go to a place that not everyone is brave enough to venture to.  You have to pick an adventure that you will truly remember for the rest of your life – an adventure that will give you access to something that can only be experienced once in a lifetime. 

The world is full of beautiful places, and travelers will not run out of things to do.  In the northern hemisphere one of the best adventures anyone can ever ask for is a Northern Lights Cruise.  A cruise to see the Northern Lights is truly a once in a lifetime experience, but to appreciate the cruise you have to first understand exactly what you’re going to see.

The Northern Lights Spectacle

You may have heard about the Aurora Borealis in astronomy books and maybe you’ve seen pictures of it.  When a beautiful greenish tinge spreads across the night sky and gives off this beautiful natural spectacle of polar lights, it’s a sight that will really take people’s breaths away.  It’s one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles, and the Aurora Borealis is something that can only be seen far up north.  This is why travelers make it all the way to the Arctic Circle just to take part in this experience, because it’s something you’ll be telling your grandchildren about.  To see the Aurora Borealis with your own two eyes cannot be replaced by any other travel experience, so if you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime then this is it.

Venturing into the Arctic Circle

In order to see the Northern Lights, you have to venture into the Arctic Circle and go to a high latitude area.  Here are several options for travelers:

  • Go to Alaska and view the Northern Lights from a lodge or hotel somewhere in the Alps.
  • Go to Alaska and sign up for a Northern Lights Cruise that will allow you to see the Aurora Borealis from the ocean.
  • Go to Northern Norway and book a hotel.  To complete your Norway travel, make sure that the Aurora Borealis is visible from your hotel at night.
  • Go to Norway and explore the country through a Northern Lights Cruise.  Some cruises have stops in Oslo and Tromso, so you can explore these places as well.

The Cruise Experience

Among all of abovementioned options, it’s really best to go with the cruise experience.  When you board a cruise liner, you’re making an experience for yourself that you will never forget.  First of all, cruise packages are mostly all-in-one, which means when you pay for the cruise, they’ll take care of everything for you-- from accommodation, to food, to all the stops and activities in between.  This will save you from a lot of planning and this will make sure that the time you spend on the trip is truly maximized.  Additionally, viewing the Aurora Borealis from the ship with the waters surrounding you is just spectacular.

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