Cruise Northern Lights Prices

Price will always be a consideration, one way or the other, when looking for a Northern Lights cruise. Prices for such cruises are highly variable, subject to a single factor – the probability or certainty of seeing the Aurora Borealis in its full splendor. There is such a thing as a peak season and an off-peak season for the Northern Lights cruise, though instead of seasons, it rests more on the chances of seeing the fantastic display of lights.

Another factor affecting the Cruise Northern Lights prices would be the cruise amenities. For example, there will certainly be a price difference between taking out a boat in Lake Superior, drinking beer from your cooler to see the dancing lights, and going on a cruise along Norway's coasts and toasting to champagne in the background of the Aurora Borealis.

The length of the cruise takes its toll on the price as well. The longer the cruise, which can reach up to thirteen days, the higher the price, and that is just simple economics for you. The purpose being twofold, in fact – the longer the cruise, the longer the stay, the greater the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, and of course, the higher the prices will be.

The Land of the Northern Lights Cruise

For the Land of the Northern Lights Cruise, the date is set on March 16th to 30th, 2012. This is in fact a good time, since the cruise lands on an equinox, and equinoxes increase the chances of the Northern Lights appearing. This is the peak season, so the prices are on the higher end of the spectrum. A single passenger will pay from $1,540 to as high as $4,900 for the trip alone. More information can be seen at the Diamond Bridge website.

The Greenland Northern Lights Cruise

On September 16th, 2012, the Greenland Northern Lights cruise will set off in search of the Aurora Borealis. Again, this coincides with the second equinox for 2012, making the prices of the cruise in the peak season range. This cruise is fourteen days long, giving you more than enough time to view the Northern Lights. There are many other details to the cruise which you can find at their website.

The Northern Lights Cruise and Snow Hotel

The Northern Lights Cruise and Snow Hotel offers a two-day cruise in the middle of a five-day vacation, for you to view the Northern Lights. The package also includes the March date for an equinox on 2012, making it very probable for you to see the Aurora Borealis. This package costs less than the previous two, with three of the five-day package spent in a hotel to let you do other activities. At a whopping price of $3,000 for a five-day vacation, you can find more details about the package at the organizer’s official website.

The Cruise Northern Lights prices depend on when you plan to go. You can check out websites such as Blue Water Holidays, Fjord Travel Norway,, and CruiseDirect for more information about these cruise holidays.

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