Northern Lights Offers

Are you planning to go to Norway to view the Northern Lights? The best way in order for you to have a great time is to go on a Northern Lights cruise. Cruises sound expensive but you can still get great Northern Lights offers. Besides, you shouldn’t hesitate spending on a trip you will never forget.

Northern Lights Tromso City Break- 4 Days 3 Nights at $1070/pax

Tromso is the best place to see the Northern Lights. With its extremely dark skies, the Northern Lights become more visible. But of course, you cannot just wait all day for the polar lights to appear, you have to enjoy your cruise and have the time of your life. This package has the following itinerary:

  • Day 1: Once you arrive in Oslo, relax and unwind for a while. As soon as you are settled and ready for the Nordic Adventure, you can go on an Arctic City Walk or see the Northern Lights at night.
  • Day 2&3: These are the days where you can do several activities and excursions. You can go to the Tromso Friluftsenter to view the Northern Lights at night. The Lyngen Snowmobile Safari will allow you to see the breathtaking snowy landscapes of Norway. You can also engage in Dog Sledding activities with 240-friendly husky dogs. These dogs will take you on an exciting adventure that will allow you to get some stunning views of the fjords and mountains. Ride the cable car to Mount Storsteinen and capture great photos of the landscape.
  • Day 4: You will depart Tromso by mid-afternoon so you still have time to roam around the area in the morning.

New Year Special Itinerary-12 Days at $1936/pax

The best time to go to Tromso and see the Northern Lights is the first week of January. Your itinerary should have the following details:

  • Day 1: December 26th-Bergen. The start of your voyage.
  • Day 2: Alesund. Enjoy seeing the architectural structures and important Art Nouveau centers.
  • Day 3: Trondheim. Take a trip to the medieval days of Norway.
  • Day 4: Arctic Circle. Take an exciting tour around the Arctic Circle.
  • Day 5: Tromso. Enjoy dog sledding and being part of the Viking feast.
  • Day 6: North Cape. After the New Year’s Dinner, visit North Cape for a toast and have a spectacular view of the fireworks.
  • Day 7: Alta. Altafjord is a great place to see the Northern Lights.
  • Day 8: Hammerfest. Enjoy touring the town of Hammerfest. It is a good place to see the Northern Lights as well.
  • Day 9: Lofoten Islands. An island known for abundant aquatic wildlife, you can see whales and seabirds here.
  • Day 10: Seven Sisters. Crossing the Arctic Circle again, you can visit the Seven Sisters Mountain Range.
  • Day 11: Molde. Enjoy the City of Roses with its lush gardens and parks.
  • Day 12: Bergen. Time to fly home.


Usually, Northern Lights offers include free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the long trips. The type of cabin is also included in what you pay for. However, extra payments for activities and extra tours are not included, along with travel insurance.

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