Northern Lights Cruise Reviews

So, you have finally saved enough money to go on a trip to the North in order to see the Northern Lights. Good for you! However, since you live at the other end of the world, booking online is your best chance of getting the best deals on Northern Lights cruises. The moment you search for Northern Lights Cruise in Google, you will come across so many websites in the search result page. Each website has a different cruise package and choosing between them can be quite confusing. In order to help you, here is an unbiased comparison of the top Northern Lights cruise companies online.

Fjord Travel Norway

Fjord Travel Norway offers several Norway holiday packages including cruises, short breaks and individual holidays. For their Northern Lights cruises, they are offering 6 nights, 7 nights and 8 to 12 nights for the Christmas package.

For a 6-night cruise, a single room will cost around $2935. For a 7-night Cruise, a single room will cost $3320, and for the 12-night cruise, a suite will cost roughly $4,534. Meals are already included in the price. The cruise will take you to the different cities in Norway and of course, the best places to view the Northern Lights.

Mighty Fine-The Spirit of Travels

Mighty Fine has affordable Northern Lights cruises, too. They offer 5 nights, 7 nights and 12 nights cruises. Whatever package you choose, the majority of your stay will be on board. For the 5-night Northern Lights cruise, expect to pay $1287, and this fee includes transfers, meals and double bed cabins. For the 7-night cruise, expect to pay around $1591, and this includes transfers, meals and hotel stays. Lastly, the 12-night New Year Cruise will cost around $1935, and just like the other two, it includes a cabin and a complete set of meals.

Low Cost Deals UK

Low Cost Deals UK is offering a number of Northern Lights cruises that are not tough on the budget compared to what others have to offer. A 4-night cruise will cost $1239 only while a 5-night cruise will cost $1378. Your itinerary will include visiting places like Hammerfest and Tromso, which are the best places to view the Northern Lights. Their website is also offering 5% discount on package prices at the moment.

The Importance of Reviews

It pays to read Northern Lights cruise reviews because these things will help you find out which ones are cheap and which ones are expensive. Before you waste time going through one site after another, you can simply look for Northern Lights cruise reviews instead. In addition, Northern Lights cruise reviews give you plenty of information about what the travelers are saying about the cruise liner. What are the places they enjoyed the most? What are the least favorite places to avoid? What was their overall experience with the cruise ship? Details like these can only be obtained from travelers who have purchased cruise packages from the cruise liners. You can get tons of information from these reviews to help you make a good decision.

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