Northern Lights Holiday

A holiday allows people to take a break from their usual routine. It is the best time to unwind and relax, away from the pressures and problems that they have to deal with everyday. If you are thinking of going away for a short vacation, consider a Northern Lights holiday. Be amazed at the fantastic lights show that the aurora borealis has to offer. You can look at tour packages available in Sweden, Finland or Norway since these places have a high probability of a northern lights occurrence.

Northern Lights Overview

Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a result of a cloud of gas from the sun that reaches the Earth. These particles then collide with the Earth’s magnetic surface and the presence of atoms like oxygen and nitrogen are responsible for the colors of the lights. This northern lights display actually occurs 50 to 200 miles away from the Earth. But despite such distance, they are still visible to the naked eye.

There are two types of lights, and these are diffuse and discrete auroras. The diffuse aurora is not visible to the naked eye, even in the dark. The discrete aurora, on the other hand, is sharply defined and is thus quite visible. Northern lights often come in green, yellow and blue colors. Red is the most rare northern light color, and it last appeared in February 11, 1958.

Best Time to Go

The Northern Lights can only be seen in the northern parts of the world. They are best seen in cold and clear weather, particularly during wintertime but there have been northern lights sightings in late autumn and early spring as well. You must remember, however, that the appearance of the northern lights cannot be predicted and at times, this spectacular display of lights will not be visible in the sky at all.

Best Place to See the Northern Lights

There are only few countries in the world that will enable you to see the Northern Lights. These are: USA (specifically Alaska), Russia, Canada, and the Nordic countries (including Greenland and Svalbard). The time of occurrence cannot be predicted or forecasted in advance but they usually happen in the evenings, around 8PM to 4AM. The northern lights season happens from late September or early October until to late March so it is best to plan your Northern Lights holiday during this period.     

Northern Lights Holiday Package

You can book and pay online for your Northern Lights holiday. There are reputable travel agencies that can assist you. There are tours in Finland, Norway or Sweden, and you can choose to have a leisurely, relaxing, or active holiday.

Typically, a holiday package includes:

  • Four nights accommodation, which gives you ample time to see and observe the northern lights.
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Free breakfast and/or dinner
  • Cold weather clothing during your stay
  • Access to spa and other facilities
  • Activities like ice fishing, guided tours, snowshoe trek, lessons in driving snowmobiles, and a husky safari experience, among others.


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