Cruise Northern Lights Faqs

Taking a cruise to see the Northern Lights is a beautiful way to spend a vacation. The Aurora Borealis invokes a lot of mystery and introspection, and the cruise is a vacation in itself. However, there are some things you need to know before going on a Northern Lights quest. So here is a list of frequently asked questions that you can refer to, things you might want or need to know before going off on the cruise of your dreams.

Will I Get to See the Aurora Borealis?

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, but it is not like Old Faithful, the California geyser, that you can depend on to erupt within roughly one and a half hours. The Northern Lights are definitely more unreliable, but there are ways to increase your chances of seeing this occurrence.

First of all, take a cruise that has the equinox in its schedule. Many people schedule the viewing of the Northern Lights during winter, but the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis are higher during an equinox. You also need to have an opening in the weather with the least clouds from your vantage point – clouds are lower than the Northern Lights and can block the view.

Additionally, ask an astronomer for a schedule of a geomagnetic storm in the area. A geomagnetic storm is another way to ignite an Aurora Borealis.

If it is a cloudless night during the equinox and you have a geomagnetic storm nearby, you will get to see the Aurora Borealis for sure.

What Should I Bring on a Northern Lights Cruise?

You should bring a camera to preserve the memory, although it is recommended that you also bring a tripod to lessen the shaking, if you are out to get a video of the dancing lights. The tripod increases the pleasure you will get viewing the Northern Lights, since you will be less bothered by technical details (if you prepare early).

Also, you should dress appropriately for cold weather. Equinoxes occur mostly during the months of March and September, but if you are scheduling the trip during winter, dress for the weather. Besides, it is going to be an ocean trip, and the cold will definitely be a factor.

How Much Does a Northern Lights Cruise Cost?

If you find a local guide named Kjetil Skogli and you are already in Tromso, Norway, he is going to charge somewhere around $300 per person for a tour to see the Northern Lights. But this is a land-based sighting. In comparison, the following are the cruise prices to see the Northern Lights:

  • Greenland Northern Lights cruise costs around $7,300 per person for a thirteen-day cruise.
  • Diamond Bridge offers the Land of the Northern Lights Cruise at prices ranging from $1,600 to $4,900.
  • Hurtigruten offers a cruise for five nights to see the Northern Lights that starts and ends in Tromso for around $1,500.

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